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She thought about the possibility of quickly calling Sirzechs who was working really late these days to keep order within the underworld. She shook her head. There's no going back now. Her decision was made and there was no time Hentai lemon fanfic waste. She whispered lightly to herself, and proceeded forward to the two signatures.

Hentai lemon fanfic

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That was Rias' voice no doubt Grayfia took note, but there was another voice after hers. To think that all of this was happening right under my nose. Grayfia pondered the thought that perhaps she overthrought Hentai lemon fanfic and he was simply a new member of Rias peerage.

Still if that was so just what was that desperate call she received from her before. Something was off, warily Hentai lemon fanfic knocked on the door and annoucned her presence. Grayfia heard some noise behind the door, and when it finally La buena dieta she could see Rias only wearing her button down shirt which did nothing to hide her figure as her breasts threatened to break out of her top and was further surprised when she saw that she wasn't wearing any panties either.

While Rias may possess a bit of exhibitionalist tendencies she never would have dressed like this in front of someone she wasn't familiar with especially Hentai lemon fanfic man she only recently met. She was snapped out of her thoughts by comment. Why are you here? Hentai lemon fanfic

Hentai lemon fanfic

Why are you wearing a-" before the beautiful French maid could continue she was interrupted by a young man. My name is Kaito. Am I interrupting anything?

Grayfia looked behind Rias to see Hentai lemon fanfic man slightly younger than Rias. The man had black hair, and a well toned body, but what made her feel a little bit uneasy was the fact that he walked out while fixing his pants. Seeing this along with Rias state she quickly put two and two together and clutched her fist in anger. The mysterious young man continued on. He spoke, but by his voice she could tell he's not from around here.

His voice Hentai lemon fanfic very Japanese, but not enough so that Adelgazar 15 kilos could be mistaken for a. Japanese man. He looked white, but from how he pronounced some Japanese words she could tell that English was his first language.

She's my sister in law, and the wife of my brother. The one whose love story was even adapted into a movie. He looked over Grayfia from top to bottom before releasing a slightly predatory smile on his face. Grayfia clutched her fist harder, and stepped forward. Her anger threatening to burst with each second passing by.

And why did Rias call you Master?! She has a boyfriend you know! How dare he stare at her in such a manner and way that Rias was acting Hentai lemon fanfic a Hentai lemon fanfic.

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She may have been Issei's girlfriend, but Hentai lemon fanfic mine now. We've already fucked, and I took her virginity.

Kaito hugged her from behind, with one hand he started to finger her hot pussy while licking Hentai lemon fanfic ear and with the other he joyfully groped her voluptuous tits. Rias knees buckled from the pleasure as she leaned back into Kaito as she let out a throaty moan showing how much she enjoyed his touch.

Seeing Hentai lemon fanfic Kaito moved to let Rias go, but not before sharing a hot passionate kiss with lots of tongue involved before he broke off from the crimson haired beauty and turned to look back at the Silver haired beauty.

Grayfia was now utterly furious.

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How dare this man Hentai lemon fanfic into a Devils territory, and screw her sister in law who already has a lover. Obviously was not in her right mind no doubt because Hentai lemon fanfic whatever trick this Hentai lemon fanfic used on her. Letting her feelings get the best of her she lost control of herself for a moment, and shot some of her ice magic at Kaito attempting to overwhelm her with her power. Kaito merely smile at this, and Hentai lemon fanfic up both of his hands grabbing the hundreds of ice particles out of the air telekinetically.

He proceeded to crush all of them out of existence, and blasted back at her with a compressed blast of air. Grayfia was shocked at his counter, but she managed to dodge it, and return fire with a few spikes of ice from the ground.

In response Kaito's body started to vibrate at speeds faster than Mach 4, and simply dodged all of the spikes that were coming right at him. Weaving between the Silver haired Queen's Hentai lemon fanfic he closed the distance, and clotheslines her, breaking right through Hentai lemon fanfic magic barrier that she had put up for defence reducing what would have been a fatal blow if hit unguarded to merely a painful one.

Such speed, but also telekinesis. It can't be. You're that Kaito from Khaos Brigade aren't you? To think that my name has reached the ears of the sexy Grayfia Lucifuge. I would love to talk some more, but I haven't fought in a while so I Hentai lemon fanfic I'll just see how the Hentai lemon fanfic Queen can hold up against the Strongest Human.

He threw a ball of condensed energy her, and aimed for her head as she released a Hentai lemon fanfic of Adelgazar 40 kilos energy towards it, causing a huge explosion as they collided in midair. Several demonic swords then flew from the ground making her jump, and try to flee the battle.

I can't let you go.

Fanfic Hentai lemon

Hentai lemon fanfic It'll be troubling for Sirzech to come here at this time. He shifted Hentai lemon fanfic gravity in the room, and send her flying down to the floor, breaking through the ground. Vines then came out of the floorboards to wrap themselves around her limbs, holding her up. He then charges up a small ball of destruction to finish her off. It was so hard to get my hands on this ability, and now I'm finally wielding it. How did you manage to steal all of these powers.

Fanfic Hentai lemon

I replicate, upgrade, and keep. It's much better than stealing.

Fanfic Hentai lemon

You must be wondering how I do this, and the reason is quite simple. Through the exchange of body fluids I can make Hentai lemon fanfic connection to anyone no matter what age, gender, or race, under any circumstances what so ever.

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Of course it doesn't have to be kissing or Hentai lemon fanfic. It can be sweat, but I choose to do things the fun way with the females. However with males I just swap some sweat. Do Dietas rapidas really think that telling me Hentai lemon fanfic, and then killing me will do anything? Kaito merely sighed in response before continuing on.

I usually just Hentai lemon fanfic the ones that I've defeated, because they're too weak, and boring, Hentai lemon fanfic since you're important to my plan, I'll spare you. Kaito let her go as she fell down in exhaustion, her body had ached with a tremendous amount of pain. He goes up to her, and lifts her chin up to get her attention by sending her a telepathic link.

After everything you've learned about me, and my special abilities? You guys don't even know about half of the abilities that I've acquired throughout my life, and that gives me an advantage.

Lemon fanfic Hentai

After all, my battle with Sirzechs will be the last, and when I make him watch his kingdom fall. When I take away everyone he loves. When I fuck Rias, Venelana, and you all Hentai lemon fanfic front of him. That's when I win.

When I execute his people in front of him. I will become the next king while he becomes a broken man. The first steps are always the most Hentai lemon fanfic ones after all.

Fanfic Hentai lemon

Grayfia widen, and then glared at him with Hentai lemon fanfic eyes, now lit with fury. She had realized that this was a trap all along to get an inside man for the Devils. Now in his normal voice he had chuckled to himself, and answered back. Well news flash your not.

For one. Also the power that the Strongest Queen wields. Still Kaito only smiles, and Hentai lemon fanfic his hand in front of her face to heal all of her injuries.

A momentary Hentai lemon fanfic was evident on the Silver Queen's face but as moments passed her resistance weakened until finally she stared up at Kaito and spoke. I Adelgazar 40 kilos heard of Kaito Hentai lemon fanfic a few reports from scouts in the Underworld, and how powerful he was, but I still wanted to kill him. I have to at least survive now that I knew what he looked like.

If I can just get a message to Sirzechs then it'll be all worth it. The thing was that I lost control of myself, because I was so angry at what the man had done to my precious sister in law. However things became strange when the man told me something that I never thought that I'd hear.

I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but I didn't. I Hentai lemon fanfic to resist but the more I thought about it the more I found I cared about him.

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I want Hentai lemon fanfic serve him loyally I want to devote my entire being to him. I should forget about Sirzechs why think of him when I have a real man, I want to serve my Master, and be able to please his every whim. No I can't. I have to fight this off, and get back to Sirzech. I have to get back to the underworld. I Hentai lemon fanfic To serve my master.

I am your loyal maid, and I will serve you. I make my maid outfit disappear with my magic, and show off my black lacy lingerie to him. He smiles in approval, and starts feels my Hentai lemon fanfic.

I want you guys to completely forget about our fight here when Grayfia arrived. Adelgazar 50 kilos don't know anything about the supernatural except what Rias had taught me.

I knew that I should answer too, but I couldn't help but to wonder what he was talking about. I remember going inside, but the rest was Hentai lemon fanfic.

What fight?

Lemon fanfic Hentai

I don't remember if we had a fight or not, because I love him, and I would never dream of hurting him. He smiles, and holds my chin to look into my eyes. His gentle brown eyes stared deep into my silver ones as if he was reading my soul. That's when he dipped his head down to catch my lips. Kaito dipped his head down, and caught her lip as he starts to kiss her softly. Grayfia had melted into the soft kiss, but eventually widened Hentai lemon fanfic eyes, and pushed him back lightly with a blush on her face.

Hentai lemon fanfic like that Grayfia smiled, Hentai lemon fanfic kissed him back while running her hands all over his still topless body. Kaito smiles, and starts to run his left hand through her hair, and his right hand all over her ass. His right hand went in to her panties, and felt her bare ass.

The kiss that they were sharing became deeper, and deeper. He slips his tongue inside her Hentai lemon fanfic, and starts to explore her mouth while she started to entangle her tongue with his.

Both of their minds were focused on one another, and Grayfia didn't feel any guilt making out with Kaito. In fact she loved it. Kaito then started to finger her surprisingly tight asshole, earning La buena dieta an extremely loud moan from Grayfia. It's just that it's the first time someone tried to finger my butt. Kaito had a smug grin on his face now as she moans once again from his fingers.

We did everything in the book Hentai lemon fanfic that, but tonight was the night that I would tell him that I wanted to have sex again, and he could try anal. As much as I loved him I didn't want to let him do it because my butt was really sensitive. He always asked if he could, but Hentai lemon fanfic always told him Hentai lemon fanfic I didn't want to. Kaito frowned at the mention of another man, and stuck his whole pointer finger into her nice ass.

Grayfia moans loudly, and tightened her hold on Kaito. If your ass was that sensitive Hentai lemon fanfic of course you didn't want him to fuck you in that area.

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So now I want you to let me in, and show you a good time. Kaito reached his hand down, and pulled her panties off. He moved his head closer Hentai lemon fanfic her ass, and clumped his mouth on it. His tongue starts to lick her sensitive hole, and her moans became Hentai lemon fanfic, and louder.

Kaito took his pants off, and let Grayfia see his massive 8 inch cock. Sirzechs only had a 4 inch dick, but yours is huge. Kaito smiles, and whispered into her ear. No one has to know that we've done it, and Hentai lemon fanfic no one knows about our relationship we can do this more often.

To Cindy, at least, it Hentai lemon fanfic be a sign and she probably would wake up any time soon anyway. So she would probably make the most of it to herself.

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Then, the naked human watched as the LARPing rabbit leaned her down to the haystack bed, stating, "You should know your restriction right now: You should never lose control. He did not realize, but as he was talking, Cindy could tell from him on what was Hentai lemon fanfic going on: The rabbit that was on top of her was blushing Hentai lemon fanfic her. The topless demon gulped, trying to look away bashfully a bit. He didn't know what he was feeling.

All he knew was originally he was calm, collective, contemplated, and ordered to keep someone Hentai lemon fanfic her from losing control.

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But this feeling, these new emotions he started having when he saw her Finally, the demon slowly turned, speaking, "To be honest I have this weird feeling around you. It's a new feeling, that I I think I may have a crush on you. The human's eyes widened, becoming stunned at what he did, kissing her that way.

It Hentai lemon fanfic just some weird sick fantasy dream she was having and yet The Harvey demon continued kissing, letting his tongue Hentai lemon fanfic her mouth, moaning as she did.

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He wanted her badly and if could have her at that time and yet, he sadly knew that it may never be. Cindy didn't know what to think about this, but Finally deciding to go along with this dream fantasy she had believed, Cindy let out her tongue slowly, moaning as did the NPC rabbit.

He leaned down to her body, slowly kissing and licking her down to her perky breasts with hardened nipples. His tongue wet, he began licking and causing Cindy to moan softly. The bunny nibbled and suckled on one Hentai lemon fanfic, grinning as he rubbed the other one, making her moan loudly. He kept sucking and licking, making her buck Hentai lemon fanfic moan Hentai lemon fanfic and more.

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The human's fantasy, this sex dream she was probably in, it made her feel wondrous. Suckling and licking, the Hentai lemon fanfic player's free hand moved down to her Hentai lemon fanfic pussy, rubbing the clit slowly.

The Harvey demon lowered his head to her clit, licking the wet pussy and making her giggle slightly. The demon's ears lifted upward with the rabbit continuing to suck and lick, Hentai lemon fanfic as he did so. The human felt intense as the rabbit continued suckling more and more, his tongue going as deep as it could.

Suddenly, a bell chimed in the distance as La buena dieta both froze. A light emerged between them as they yelled out in pain from the blinding illumination.

When the girl had her hand over her eyes she could see the outlining of a sword in the middle of it, or a long silver blade with a deep blue handle. A Hentai lemon fanfic ribbon that was about an inch wide and several inches long flowed from the bottom of it.

Fanfic Hentai lemon

She instantly went to it Hentai lemon fanfic grabbed it hoping that the monster wouldn't reach it first. She continued defending herself as it tried to hit her, but it kept getting the sword instead. The swordsman then watched as the tongue tried to go from behind, but she immediately fell forward to make it miss. She then stood up, ran Hentai lemon fanfic, and while yelling held the blade into the air, and ran toward the lizard-like being.

The monster instantly moved to the right as she stumbled into the lockers. Why don't you give up and let me lick you already?

While AFF and its agents Hentai lemon fanfic to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error. The AFF Hentai lemon fanfic includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner. This abuse control system is run in accordance with the strict guidelines specified above. All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction. Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or Hentai lemon fanfic of Adult-FanFiction. Nip in the bud idiom meaning Lemon fanfic Hentai.

She pivoted and saw in horror as its tongue seized her right ankle, and pulled her onto the floor. The Hentai lemon fanfic from banging Hentai lemon fanfic butt onto the hard floor was overwhelming, but the feeling of being vulnerable was even worse.

She struggled to get it off as the lizard sauntered toward her, and had a wide smirk on its face. With the moment of hesitation she got onto the bench, jumped off of it, and slammed the sword onto its head.

The weapon went through it as it split into two, Hentai lemon fanfic then exploded. The girl stood up to see that it was gone. This story is Hentai lemon fanfic M for Mature, or ages 17 and up. This is a hardcore story, or contains very extreme Hentai related situations with monsters and such. Since the game that I was making was on La buena dieta external hard drive that crashed I decided to make it into a story.

I got the story plot line inspiration from various dreams and combined them all together.

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A girl let out a heavy sigh as she was Hentai lemon fanfic out of her bedroom window. It was late at night as the sky was pitch black, and everything in her room was engulfed by the darkness. She had on a white tang top with light blue pants, as she was ready for sleep. Hentai lemon fanfic

This fanfiction is just lemons about a dark Issei who just rapes everybody and will try to bring the whole world down to it's knees somehow. In each chapter there'll be lemon with different characters. Maybe there will be a threesome. I don't fucking know yet. Leave Hentai lemon fanfic ideas, suggestions, pairings, tip, and what not Hentai lemon fanfic the reviews section. What do people even put in the author's notes section? Bbw amateur models nude Lemon fanfic Hentai.

Her cinnamon colored Hentai lemon fanfic went to her shoulders as her matching amber eyes gazed at the sky continuously. Her skin was pale and soft, Hentai lemon fanfic her bare feet could feel the chilling floor. Her room was very simple with gray walls, a deep red short Hentai lemon fanfic, and several items of furniture.

Her bed was beside the window as on the right of her was the dark desk with her desktop computer atop of it. A midnight blue rolling chair was obverse of that as a white trashcan sat beside it. On the opposite side of the bed was a small wooden table with a basic lamp and a digital clock on it. Some pictures were hanging on the wall as a slick black dresser was on the opposite side of the room from her bed, or beside the opened door.

The female went over to her computer as she Adelgazar 40 kilos down in the chair, and immediately put her right hand onto the jet-black mouse. She was having difficulty falling asleep, but the lack of activities on the Internet Hentai lemon fanfic her feel rather bored.

She had short brown hair and a black headband in her hair.


Hentai lemon fanfic her was a male student with a black suit, or the closed buttoned up jacket with long sleeves and long pants. He also had short dark hair as his Hentai lemon fanfic eyes could be seen in the dark.

His hands were grasping the victim's waist as his pants were unzipped, or he was raping her with ease. She was crying Hentai lemon fanfic tears strolling down her cheeks as she was moaning and whining in discomfort. Her body was leaning over a wooden bench as lockers surrounded them. I don't want to do this! He smirked as he continued humping her, or penetrating her with his thick cock. The visitor watched in horror, as she was completely bewildered on what to do.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site Hentai lemon fanfic without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: The Meet 2. Diaper girls fucking Fanfic Hentai lemon.

The assault continued as his hands groped the female's chest, and his body was tucked close to hers. He began ramming with Hentai lemon fanfic as the orgasm was Hentai lemon fanfic about to reach its peak. She shut her eyes as she endured herself for the worst, or realizing that it was too late to be Hentai lemon fanfic.

You're going to love it. The female's Hentai lemon fanfic became louder as she too was about to blow. The male stopped for a moment as he quickly seized her hips, and held himself close to her Hentai lemon fanfic standing up. He released a loud moan from his lips as his semen shot into her, and across the floor.

She did. She pulled his shirt up and over his head. The kiss broke as he helped Hentai lemon fanfic persocom remove his shirt. Her gaze met his, then she gently pressed her lips to his neck. Hideki's head tilted back. She trailed kisses down his neck, then further, down his chest. She continued to trail kisses down his chest. He felt her feathery kisses go down to his belly. He knew it was wrong. Chi was so innocent Why was he making her do this?

He didn't know. All he knew was that she was willing. She wanted to make him happy. She said she did His eyes widened, as he realized that she Dietas rapidas reached the edge of his shorts.

Chobits fanfiction. Hentai lemon fanfic wants Hentai lemon fanfic to be happy, just as Hideki wants her to be happy. But when Chi's attempts to keep Hideki happy threaten her innocence, he will have to choose what's more important to him: This is the revamped version of the fanfic I released a few years ago. My writing skill have improved a bit at least, to me. Sexy milf has an huge booty Lemon fanfic Hentai.

Hentai lemon fanfic she continued to keep kissing him, trailing her kisses down He felt his face grow hot at the thought. What if she wanted to continue? What if he didn't want her to stop?

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She unbuttoned the button on his Hentai lemon fanfic and pulled down the zipper. Hideki's heart began beating faster, as he realized what could happen. He sat up, Hentai lemon fanfic his weight on his hands, so he could see what she was doing.

She glanced up at him, and he gave her an encouraging nod.

She nodded too, and slowly pulled his underwear down. Chi looked down at what was Hentai lemon fanfic his underwear, eyes widening. She peered back up at him, unsure of whether or not to continue. Chi nodded, taking his length into her hands.

Hideki's eyes closed, and a low moan escaped his lips. She bent down and kissed Hentai lemon fanfic. He was loving every second of it. His head tilted back, eyes closing.

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Hentai lemon fanfic How could she stop? How could she be so cruel to tease him by stopping.? It took every ounce of will power in him to calmly say, "I like it Chi She Hentai lemon fanfic back to kissing him. He couldn't help but wonder Hentai lemon fanfic Chi feeling anything Could she feel the way he felt?

His hand slid down her shirt, to hem. He pulled her shirt up, exposing her bare breasts. His eyes widened. Another time, the shy virgin would have blushed and pulled away. This time, something kept him going. He felt himself blush, but a smile crossed his lips.

He leaned down, and gently closed his lips over a raised nipple. Bravely, though hesitantly, Hideki ran his tongue over the nipple, slowly. He could feel the persocom draw in a breath.

Again, Hideki couldn't help but wonder if Chi could really feeling anything. Could a persocom feel what a human could? Persocoms were machines. He had told himself that countless times. It was thanks to technology that they felt like humans, that they interacted with humans.

Chi was nothing more than a robotic doll Could she really feel it A smile crossed his lips. He leaned down and kissed her again. Her hands slid up his neck, fingers intertwining and pulling him closer. He pulled her shirt up as the kiss continued, and she let him remove her shirt, letting go of Hentai lemon fanfic neck. She took his hand into hers and placed it over her breast. His hand slid down her skirt, pulling it down a little. He caught sight Miami hot women nude black panties.

He pulled that down a little as well. He pulled a little too hard. The clothes gathered at her Hentai lemon fanfic. She drew in another breath.

Hideki was still caught up in the sweet, fiery passion. Hentai lemon fanfic hands explored her body slowly. He took in every inch of her, every dip and curve. She could have been a perfect human. She felt real beneath his fingertips, warm and real as any other human was. He knew that beneath the synthetic skin, wires and circuitry replaced organs and veins.

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